Autism Social Connection

Autism Social Connection

In 2005 Pamela, her husband Dave, and their son Garrett founded a small nonprofit organization called Autism Social Connection (ASC). For eight years, Pamela volunteered as the Executive Director of ASC. The program provides integrated socialization services to children with autism using creative arts, especially filmmaking.

Over the years, Autism Social Connection has helped hundreds of children and adults, including children with autism and their families and friends, as well as teachers and typically developing children by providing social experiences through creative collaboration!

Today the program is run by Community Gatepath and the name has changed to Gatepath Social Connection. Below, you can find some pictures from the Center, as well as some videos developed by the children.

Special thanks to both the Flora Family Foundation and to Genentech who provided grants to help fund ASC’s programs for multiple years!  Your help was greatly appreciated!

Here are a couple of videos highlighting ASC activities:

You can see more videos created by kids at ASC on YouTube.

Here are some ASC photos:

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