Virtuous Souls on Shortlist for Chanticleer Paranormal Award

Hey everyone,

I’m back again. I haven’t provided an update in a long time. Sorry about that.

I did want to let you know that I got shortlisted (is that a verb?) for another Chanticleer award– their Paranormal Award. I’m truly humbled and excited by their recognition. I’m going to their conference in a few weeks. I doubt I’ll win because my raw manuscript is competing with published books, but their conference is about marketing books and I’ll need that, no matter what happens.

What makes me happy about making the two Chanticleer shortlists is that these people actually read my entire book and “got it.” And, they’re right! It is more than just a fun, sexy romp through space! In the modern publishing world, just getting people to read your entire book seems like nothing short of a miracle. Most people read about five pages, and I understand why. Agents and editors are inundated with material, so they’re always looking for easier ways to find gold as they sift through the mud. I think most of them would rather miss a few nuggets than to go blind reading too many manuscripts.

Anyway, I’ll give you an update after the conference. If nothing else, hopefully, I’ll have some fun! See you on the flip side!

Pam LePage

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